Social Media in Aviation

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Inbound Marketing Eco SystemWith the innovation and expansion of social media platforms, old and new, along with the impressive growth rates they’ve experienced in both number of users and the amount of time in use it has become virtually impossible to view social media as just a passing trend.

McKinsey reported in a study that 20% of businesses active in social media were reaping 80% of the benefits. This correlation between social media activity and business benefits achieved highlights the fact that social media marketing is a viable marketing tool for all businesses.

Social media is not only being widely adopted and reaching mass maturity but it is also shifting from being primarily text-based to becoming a “real-time” technology. Consumers are sharing and commenting on events as they happen. The way we access the internet is evolving too. Now, thanks to mobile devices such as smart phones, e-readers, game consoles and tablets, we have a variety of ways to access, share and engage with our social networks.

The pressure for companies to keep up with these trends and new technologies is tremendous. Social media marketing requires a full-time commitment and careful planning.

AeroSDB’s view is that social media is the most powerful weapon you have when it comes to increasing revenue for your business. Social media is not just about brand awareness. Social media campaigns should serve the organization’s overall business goals and they should be tracked and measured to ensure success.

Our social media team will help you to understand and identify your ideal customers. We will help you create a strategy for building a solid reputation on the right social networks to engage the best prospects.


Our social media assessment focuses on analyzing your social media processes as well as analyzing whether or not your social media activities are aligned to your business goals. What are you currently doing to listen to, respond to, and share new content? Which social networks are you connecting with? Our social media assessment will map the terrain and identify the networks that will have an impact on your business.


We assist companies in formulating a solid business strategy with the aim of leveraging a competitive advantage, and building thought leadership for our clients.


Our social media team of experts is skilled at designing, developing and deploying social media campaigns that deliver measurable value to clients.


Uncover the value behind your social traffic. AeroSDB assists with unlocking the information you didn’t even know existed.