Important Aviation Links

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Accident and Incident Information Government Sites

Argentina — Air Accident Investigation Board
Australia — REPCON Aviation Confidential Reporting Scheme
Australia — Transport Safety Bureau
Brazil — Centro de Investigação e Prevenção de Acidentes Aeronáuticos
Canada — SECURITAS Confidential Reporting
Canada — Transportation Safety Board
China, Taiwan — Aviation Safety Council
China, Taiwan — Taiwan Confidential Aviation Safety Reporting System (TACARE)
Czech Republic — Air Accidents Investigation Institute
Denmark — Accident Investigation Board
Finland — Accident Investigation Board
France — Accident Investigation Board
Germany — Federal Bureau of Aircraft Accidents Investigation
Hungary — Transportation Safety Bureau
Iceland — Aircraft Accident Investigation Board
Indonesia — National Transportation Safety Committee
Ireland — Air Accident Investigation Unit
Italy — Air Safety Board
Japan — Transport Safety Board
Netherlands — The Dutch Safety Board
New Zealand — Transport Accident Investigation Commission
Nigeria — Accident Investigation Bureau
Norway — Accident Investigation Board
Singapore — Air Accident Investigation Bureau
South Korea — Aviation Accident Investigation Board
Spain — Civil Aviation Accident and Incident Investigation Commission
Sweden — Accident Investigation Board
Switzerland — Aircraft Accident Investigation Bureau
United Kingdom — Air Accidents Investigation Branch
United Kingdom — Confidential Human Factors Incident Reporting Programme (CHIRP)
United States — Aviation Safety Reporting System (ASRS)
United States — Department of Transportation Special Collection
United States — Federal Aviation Administration, Aviation Safety Information Analysis and Sharing
United States — National Transportation Safety Board

Accident and Incident Information Non-government Sites

Airline Crash Research Site
Major Airline Disasters
Aviation Safety Network
ISASI — International Society of Air Safety Investigators
ITSA — International Transportation Safety Association
Jet Airliner Crash Data Evaluation Centre

Civil Aviation Authorities

Australia — Civil Aviation Safety Authority
Austria — Civil Aviation Authority
Belgium — Service Public Fédéral Mobilité et Transports
Brazil — Civil Aviation Department
Canada — Transport Canada, Civil Aviation
China, Beijing — Civil Aviation Administration of China
China, Hong Kong — Civil Aviation Department
China, Taiwan — Civil Aeronautics Administration
Costa Rica — Dirección General de Aviación Civil
Czech Republic — Civil Aviation Department
Denmark — Civil Aviation Administration
EASA — European Aviation Safety Agency
Finland — Civil Aviation Authority
France — Direction Générale de l’Aviation Civile
Germany — Luftfahrt-Bundesamt
Hungary — Directorate of Civil Aviation
ICAO — International Civil Aviation Organization
ICAO — International Civil Aviation Organization, Aviation Links
Iceland — Civil Aviation Administration
India — Directorate General of Civil Aviation
Ireland — Irish Aviation Authority
JAA — Joint Aviation Authorities
Japan — Civil Aviation Bureau
Jordan — Civil Aviation Authority
Malaysia — Department of Civil Aviation
New Zealand — Civil Aviation Authority
Norway — Civil Aviation Authority
Pakistan — Civil Aviation Authority
Saudi Arabia — General Authority of Civil Aviation
Singapore — Civil Aviation Authority
South Africa — Civil Aviation Authority
South Korea — Civil Aviation Safety Authority
Spain — Ministerio de Fomento, Aviación Civil
Switzerland — Federal Office of Civil Aviation
Thailand — Department of Civil Aviation
United Arab Emirates — General Civil Aviation Authority
United Kingdom — Air Safety Support International (ASSI)
United Kingdom — Civil Aviation Authority
United States — Federal Aviation Administration

Air Traffic Management

Austria — Austro Control
Australia — Airservices Australia
Belgium — Belgocontrol
CANSO — Civil Air Navigation Services Organisation
Czech Republic — Air Navigation Services
Denmark — Naviair
Egypt — NANSC
Finland — Finavia
France — DSNA
France — Eurocontrol Experimental Centre, Research & Development
Germany — DFS Deutsche Flugsicherung
Hungary — HungaroControl
ICAO — International Civil Aviation Organization
Iceland — ISAVIA
IFATCA — International Federation of Air Traffic Controllers’ Associations
India — Airports Authority
Ireland — Irish Aviation Authority
Italy — ENAV
Netherlands — Air Traffic Control
New Zealand — Airways
Norway — Avinor
Portugal — NAV Portugal
Russia — State ATM Corporation
Saudi Arabia — GACA
Singapore — Civil Aviation Authority
South Africa — Air Traffic and Navigation Services
Spain — AENA
Sweden — LFV
Switzerland — Skyguide
Thailand — AEROTHAI
Turkey — DHMI
Ukraine — UkSATSE
United Kingdom — NATS
United States — Federal Aviation Administration, Air Traffic Organization

Regulations, Standards and Recommended Practices

Australia — Regulations and Policy
Canada — Canadian Aviation Regulations
EASA — European Aviation Safety Agency
ECAC — European Civil Aviation Conference
EUROCAE — European Organization for Civil Aviation Equipment
ICAO — International Civil Aviation Organization
JAA — Joint Aviation Authorities
New Zealand — Civil Aviation Rules
RTCA — Standards, Requirements and Guidelines
Singapore — Regulations and Guidelines
United Kingdom — Civil Aviation Regulatory and Guidance Publications
United States — Federal Aviation Administration, Regulatory & Guidance Library
United States — National Transportation Safety Board, Safety Recommendations

Data and Statistics

Airbus, Global Market Forecast
Australia — Aviation Statistics
Canada — Transportation Safety Board, Statistics, Aviation
EASA — Annual Safety Review 2008
HAI — Helicopter Association International, Safety Statistics
IHS Aviation Regulatory Solutions
Boeing Statistical Summary of Commercial Jet Airplane Accidents: Worldwide Operations 1959–2008
United Kingdom — Aviation Safety Review 2008
United States — Federal Aviation Administration, Data & Statistics
United States — Federal Aviation Administration, Runway Safety Report 2008
United States — National Transportation Safety Board, Aviation Accident Statistics


AIAA — American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics
AOPA — Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association
ECAC — European Civil Aviation Conference
ERA — European Regions Airline Association
IBSC — International Bird Strike Committee
ICAO — International Civil Aviation Organization
NBAA — National Business Aviation Association
RAeS — Royal Aeronautical Society

Travel Safety Information

Australia — Advice for Air Travelers
IATA — Travel Centre
United Kingdom — Parliament, Air Travel and Health Report
United States — Department of Transportation, Safe Travel
United States — Federal Aviation Administration, Passenger Health and Safety

General Reference

Avionics Magazine — Aerospace Acronym & Abbreviation Guide
CAST/ICAO — Aviation Common Taxonomies
ALA — Aviation Dictionary, English-Spanish-Portugese

Transportation Libraries

International — Directory of Transportation Libraries and Information Centers
United States — Department of Transportation, Volpe National Transportation Systems Center Library
United States — Department of Transportation, National Transportation Library