Business Software CRM & ERP

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Most often, companies have systems in place to record customer information, preferences and history, but they are often only tied to one area of the business. Discrete systems don’t serve the organization’s strategic objectives. The right people need to have the right information at the right time. CRM and ERP systems should be available across all sales and marketing channels and the companies that engage in bridging these gaps reap the rewards of their efforts.

Companies that successfully bridge this gap have a competitive advantage because they actively engage their customers and active engagement is critical for three reasons as history has shown that:

  • The most-engaged brands significantly outperformed their competitors across industries, in both revenue and profit.
  • All of the top brands that are actively engaged in Social Media have increased their ROI.
  • The most engaged brands have seen their revenue grow over the past year by 18%* while the least engaged brands saw losses of negative 6%*. It’s important to bear in mind this is a correlation, not causation.

CRM & ERP programs are challenging to implement. Our goal is to help our clients configure their marketing initiatives to support successful CRM & ERP programs.  Our main goal is to ensure that customer information is gathered at a broad range of touch points, analyzed and converted into valuable assets the company can use to secure sustainable and profitable business relationships.

* 2009 report the 2008 BusinessWeek/Interbrand Top 100 brands were studied to see if there was a correlation between social media success and a brand’s financial success.