Safety Management System Software

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Aviation SMS Software that supports your safety department and enables you to truly establish a safety culture.

An integral part of any Aviation SMS is a method of electronically recording all hazards, occurrences, incidents and accidents. These should then be investigated so that the root cause can be identified and corrective and preventative action can take place to prevent further repetitions of the same or similar occurrences.

Information collected and stored in the safety database can then be analysed for trends so that further preventative action can take place within the company. As management should be kept informed of the safety trends and possible threats, report writing becomes imperative. Report writing becomes all important to keep senior management informed of trends and other safety information and AeroSDB automates many of the reports you will be required to forward to senior management and in some cases the regulator.

AeroSDB Aviation Safety Software Solution has been developed using over 42 years of aviation knowledge and over 31 years of practical safety knowledge gained in areas such as Air Force, Airlines, Pilot in Command and Airline Certification together with extensive IT industry knowledge including aerospace, government, financial and Utilities sectors.

The AeroSDB Safety Management System  is now in the Beta testing and includes the ability to:
  • Record any hazard/occurrence/incident or accident
  • Monitor occurrences for trends
  • Conduct investigations into any recorded occurrence, with minimum effort. The system simply uses the details already entered in the occurrence report to form the basis of the investigation.
  • Print a perfectly formatted investigation in the internationally accepted ICAO Annex 13 format, with minimal or even no report writing skills, the system does the majority of the work for you.
  • Record all associated costs for any occurrence in both USD and Local currency, the system auto converts for you.
  • Create, issue and track recommendations and their corrective actions. Auto time prompts for management use.
  • Conduct risk analysis.
  • Create graphs of occurrences by risk factor, aircraft type, registration number, and many more filtered items.
  • Attach photographs, e-mails, or any other electronic data to the investigation report.
  • Conduct witness interviews with accompanying space for statements and automatically numbered questions and answers.
  • Create various reports for a multitude of areas by filtering your requirements and letting the system do the rest.
  •  Forward electronically, pre-written e-mail reports for mandatory reports to authorities, sent and recorded at the click of a button.
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