Dangerous Goods Manuals

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Dangerous Goods Manual Poster

Do you need a new or updated Dangerous Goods Manual (DG Manual) for the carriage of consigned dangerous goods or ICAO based CASA permissions for the carriage of dangerous goods on spesialised missions? 

The legal requirements set by CASA for the safe transport of dangerous goods by air by is based on the International Civil Aviation Organisation’s Technical Instructions requires an approved Dangerous Goods Manual and that initial and recurrent in-depth dangerous goods training must be taken by relevant operational employees whether or not it is expected that dangerous goods are involved.

The training for all staff and the general requirements of cargo acceptance is also covered in our aviation DG Manual.

The General Operations Handbook and the Dangerous Goods Manual are separately controlled documents.

Our dangerous goods manual will give you the procedures and training resources to enable your operation to accept dangerous goods  and cargo.

A Dangerous Goods Manual is required by commercial operators who carry dangerous goods:

  • As consigned freight
  • In passenger’s checked baggage or carry-on baggage
  • Intended to provide, during flight:
    • Medical aid to a patient
    • Veterinary aid or a humane killer for an animal
    • Aid in connection with a search and rescue operation
  • For dropping in connection with forestry, horticultural or pollution control activities etc.