Aviation Services & Ops Manuals

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AeroSDB Aviation Consultants recognise that safety standards vary across the aviation industry and we aim to work with our clients to achieve the necessary due diligence and safety outcomes expected for personnel and assets.

Non-Aviation Clients

  • Professional Aviation Safety Services
  • Risk Assessment
  • Aircraft and Airport Operator Safety Assessments
  • Safety reviews on behalf of you or your client.

Aviation clients

AeroSDB Aviation Consultants will support you during your Air Operators Certificate application and to develop plans, policies & procudures to support your AOC such as

  • Your own Aviation Company Standards
  • Risk Management Systems
  • Safety Management Systems manual
  • Quality Management System manual
  • Flight Operations Quality Assurance manual
  • Flight Operations Manual
  • Training Manual

For a more comprehensive list of our aviation operations manual services and operations manual templates and document preparations consulting please visit our detailed site at www.aviationmanuals.com.au

Aviation Safety Audits

Our audits include:

-Human Factors and Awareness -Engineering Operations
-Licensing and Insurance Details -Relevant Incident and Accident History
-Flight Operations -Risk and Threat Management
-Emergency Management -Flight Crew Training and Competency
-Safety Management Systems -Aircraft and Logbook Inspections
-Organisational Structure And Management -Company Managed Fuel Storage and Facilities
-Regulatory Requirements -Organisational Quality Assurance


Please remember that aviation safety is an ongoing process.