Social Media Mentoring

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Business owners and company executives are realizing the value social media brings to the table and the impact it can has on business in general. They are no longer questioning IF they should be using social media but rather asking HOW? But the landscape is complex and simply creating a Twitter or Facebook profile won’t cut it. Social media is far greater than any social network or blog. It’s about knowing your customers intimately, understanding them, reaching out to them (peer-to-peer) and engaging them with the information they seek. The worlds of social media, customer service, advertising, marketing and public relations are all merging into one. Active Paradigms helps organizations integrate social media into their overall marketing and business strategies.

Our mentoring program includes focused quality time specific to your unique needs. Whether you are an entrepreneur in a start-up company or a seasoned corporate executive, we will tailor a program according to your business objectives.

Examples of our Social Media coaching initiatives include:

  • Determining your social media strategy
  • Choosing the most relevant social media platforms
  • Training in social media communication best practice
  • Implementing and embedding corporate social media policies
  • Driving traffic to blogs, podcasts or social networks
  • Monitoring and managing company reputation online
  • Evaluating your social media strategy to ensure a return on your investment

Many organisations have implemented new technologies without the proper planning or consideration for how they integrate with their business goals. We focus first on the goals that have been set, then the people involved and then the technologies that can support those goals.