Business Change Mentoring

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Fundamental changes are occurring in aviation company business models and these are being driven by the proliferation and adoption of Social Media by consumers among many other factors. Companies will need to re-align their business model from a traditional one-to-one sales lead relationship to one where trust and leadership are built on a one-to-many framework. This should be achieved through a marketing lead function where clarity of segmentation and highly analytic models are the keys to success.

The increasing complexity of the customer decision journey has a profound effect on the role of marketers in the digital age. Marketing used to be something “pushed” onto consumers but now consumers are reaching out to marketers and “pulling” the information they want, when they want it. Marketers must learn to change the focus of their efforts to match this evolution in the way consumer’s research and buy products.

In many organizations, customer-facing activities are handled by different departments that act in silos. They work independently, with their own budgets and without communicating with one another. Activities like managing the company website, PR, managing loyalty programs, advertising and marketing are all run as separate divisions. These activities must be integrated and share a common objective of supporting the organizations’ business goals.

Our business mentoring program helps organizations, company executives and entrepreneurs tackle issues like these and forge actions plan for engaging the Social Media revolution. It includes focused quality time used to address the issues that are relevant to your business and business goals.