Website Design & Development

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Most people understand that “website design” refers to graphical and functional design of a website – how it looks and how it works. However, AeroSDB believes there are two primary requirements that website designers need to achieve for a successful internet marketing strategy.

Our goals are firstly to design a site that helps develop and position your brand. It has to look and feel professional. Secondly, to create a website that fulfils its main purpose of generating revenue. This is achieved by designing a website that consistently converts visitors into prospects and customers.

We view your website as a virtual salesman. The look and feel represents the sales representative meeting your client. The functionality of the website develops the relationship and closes the deal, by working together to achieve higher conversion rates and potentially increasing the amount of returning visitors.

Designing a basic business brochure website is the foundation of your website strategy. If you are looking to achieve greater customer interaction and a professional online presence, we can help you define a strategic approach in achieving results, not only from your website design but also from your overall internet marketing strategy. The key is an integrated process that is designed according to your business goals and plan for growth.

Our capabilities include, among many more:

  • Content management systems such as Joomla, WordPress and Drupal
  • XHTML, CSS, Flash, PHP, JavaScript, W3C Compliance
  • Web 2.0 designs
  • Social networking sites
  • Full e-commerce platforms
  • Blogs (Personal and Business)
  • Mobile applications


Social networking is not a passing fad. Website design has evolved to take advantage of the opportunities social networking gives organizations for creating a community and linking their customers in creative new ways. AeroSDB believes in integrating community into all our designs. Our designs are visually appealing and easy to read, but more importantly they create an environment for people to interact together online. We can incorporate blogs, forums, message boards, newsletters, RSS feeds, Wikis, social bookmarking, ratings, polls and many other features to ensure your customers are engaged.