Risk Management

The risks involved with flying are quite different from those experienced in daily activities. Managing these risks requires a conscious effort and established standards (or a maximum risk threshold). Pilots who practice effective risk management have predetermined personal standards and have formed habit patterns and checklists to incorporate them.

Risk Management is a continuous process and should include elements such as :

  • Elements of Risk Management
    • Hazards
    • Risks
    • Managing Risk
  • Human Behaviour
  • Identifying and Mitigating Risk
    • Pilots
      • Pilot’s Health
      • Stress Management
    • Aircraft
    • Environment
      • Weather
      • Terrain
      • Airport
      • Airspace
    • External pressures
  • Assessing Risk
    • Quantifying risk using a Risk Matrix
    • Likelihood of an event
    • Severity of an event
    • Mitigating risk
  • Aeronautical Decision making
  • Resource Management
  • Automation
  • Risk Management Training