Dries Wehmeyer

Dries Wehmeyer, Senior Aviation Safety Consultant at AeroSDB and our Office Manager in South Africa,  has been actively involved in the aviation industry for 44 Years. He is internationally acknowledged for his aviation safety expertise. He is a qualified military fighter pilot and in his career has held various positions as

  • Squadron Commander
  • Head of Advanced Management Training
  • Head of Aviation Safety of the South African Air Force
  • Civil Aviation Safety Management Positions
  • Director of Flight Operation
  • Head of Flight Operations Training
  • Emergency Response Planning Manager

Dries is qualified in aviation safety accident investigations and has done a number of major aircraft accident investigations. He is also a qualified Lead Auditor and has lead and conducted a number of aviation safety related audits. He has developed and successfully implemented a number of aviation safety, quality and risk management systems and manuals in various companies.

Dries delivered a number of papers both local and international on aviation safety and emergency planning topics. Before his retirement, Dries was the Executive Manager Aviation Safety and Emergency Response Planning with South African Airways. He is registered as a Safety Professional and Safety Assessor with the Institute of Safety Management of South Africa

Currently Dries is using his aviation experience in a consulting and advisory capacity in his field of expertise to a number of scheduled, non-scheduled operators, aviation training organisations, aviation maintenance organisation, air medical evacuation organisations, airport operators, Civil Aviation Authorities with regard to related aviation policies, processes, procedures, legal requirements, audits, incident investigations, safety, quality, risk and respective management systems, as well as the compiling of the relevant subject manuals.

Dries develops a variety of manuals and conducts training and various audits to help customers to operate at the world best practices levels thereby ensuring that their operation is safe, efficient and reliable.

As the Senior Aviation Safety Consultant at AeroSDB Dries provides and manages the following services:

  • Compiling of Aviation Safety Manuals
  • Compiling of Flight Dispatch Manuals
  • Compiling of Flight Operations Manuals
  • Compiling of Cabin Crew Operations Manuals
  • Compiling of Flight Ground Handling Manuals
  • Compiling of Flight Operations Training Manuals
  • Compiling of Emergency Response Manuals
  • Compiling of Quality Management Manuals
  • Compiling of Aviation Security Manuals
  • Compiling of Maintenance Control Manuals
  • Aviation Safety Management System Training
  • Emergency Response Management Training
  • Implementing Safety Management Systems
  • Implementing Quality Management Systems
  • Implementing Risk Management Systems
  • Aircraft Accident and Incident Investigations
  • Airport Operational and Compliance audits
  • Aircraft Maintenance Organisation Audits
  • Flight Operations Audits
  • Aviation Safety Audits
  • Aviation Safety Audit Training
  • Emergency Response Exercises
  • Aviation Safety Training for Management, Safety Committees and Staff